October’s HORROR LootCrate unboxing. – SPOILER ALERT!

Another filler post! I’ve been to Quebec City ComicCon, yesterday, and I only had two words to describe it: FUCKING DULL! Therefore, it’s not worth writing a post about it.

On another note, I did receive my LootCrate from October, a couple of days ago so, I’m gonna write about it. Here we go!

Once again, they had UPS deliver my crate so, it arrived on Thursday. Let’s open it.

This month’s theme is Horror, it’s to be expected with Halloween arriving. Of course, with the new season of The Walking Dead, which I don’t watch, beginning this month, it was expected to see some content related to the show. The items look promising so far.

First, from The Coop, we have a pennant of Camp Crystal Lake, from the Friday The 13th movie franchise. Second, from Icup, we have a set of joined chopsticks depicting Freddy Kruger’s glove, from Nightmare On Elm Street. Lastly, we have a Halloween pin that “unlocks” exclusive content on the LootCrate website.

The next two items in the box: We have, from Quirk, a book entitled The Legion Of Regrettable Supervillains from Jon Morris. It is a sequel of The League Or Regrettable Superheroes, from the same author, that was available in the Heroes 2 crate. I don’t really see the connection to the horror theme. I wonder why they didn’t include it in one of their villains-theme crate instead, just saying. The other item, from KidRobot, is a Phunny plush of Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Obviously, I’m always keeping the t-shirt for last. This month’s t-shirt feature Negan, from The Walking Dead. It is made by LootCrate, instead of another manufacturer, and I have one complaint about it: The LootCrate t-shirts seem to have discrepancies of sizes from one garment to another. Sometimes, the it fits really well while, on other times, it seems to run small, even if the label says they are of the same size. To be sure, I even measured this t-shirt and compared to the measurements of another one, from LootCrate, that fitted me well, and I’ve noticed that the Negan one was two inches smaller around the torso. I wonder how LootCrate let that slip. I’m gonna have to report this issue. Anyway, it’s a nice t-shirt nonetheless and it’s seems to be of good quality.

Lastly, I usually don’t speak about the interior design of the box, because I just don’t care about it. But, I think this month’s design was worth mentioning: It’s a per-perforated face of a walker that you can detach and turn into a mask, there’s even an elastic band provided in the box, to attach to the mask. LootCrate really does think of everything!

Finally, this was the October Horror Crate, and it is one of my favorite crates so far. I loved the variety of the items, and they come from franchises that I’m all familiar with. It was well done, compared to last month’s crate. That would be all for today. End of line.


About Amelyn

Born in the glorious year of 1985, Amelyn (called Ame by her friends) is an avid comics fan, a video games collector, a cartoons enthusiast, a sci-fi geek and many other things. She loves kitties, the Martian Manhunter, Snickers bars and pizza-flavoured Pringles, among many other things. The thing she hates the most is not being taken seriously in the geekdom, because of her status as a woman. "Girls loves Deadpool, too!", she would say. Besides collecting, reading and sleeping, her others hobbies would include game modding. Her friends would confirm that she spent as much time as playing Fallout as she spent time modding it. Also, she would always finish her blog post with the term "End of line".
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