To boldly go… – Part 2: Discovering Star Trek.

Here’s is the second part of my blog posts about Star Trek. Today, I’m taking a more personal look, at the franchise, from my own perspective. Mainly, how my first true Star Trek experience as a pre-teen. Here we go.

Where do I start? Well, when I first heard of Star Trek, I was a kid, and I only knew the franchise through the movies and episodes of The Next Generation, that I would partially watch on a neighbour’s television. We didn’t have cable network, back then, and the movies were aired at least once a year, on one of the five channels we where able to tune to on our television set.

For a long time, I thought that Star Trek only spanned from the first to seventh movie… and The Next Generation. It was only when I was 11, in 6th grade, by picking up a french edition of William Shatner‘s Star Trek Memories, that I realized that Star Trek was so much more. I was reading about a TV show that I’ve never ever watched before, and it made me want to follow the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. My wish was finally granted on a Friday past 5:30 PM, in 1997, when I was 12. After lots of enquiring from me and my sisters, my father finally gave in and subscribed to cable TV. As I was flipping through our newly acquired channels, I came across my very first Star Trek episode.

Well, actually, it wasn’t an entire episode, as I only caught the last half of it. But, I’ll never forget which one it was. It was the 15th episode of the second season: The Trouble With The Tribbles. That was at this very moment I got hooked on Star Trek. Everyday, I would come back from school, have dinner, do my homework, and be ready by 5:00 PM to sit in front of the television and catch Star Trek. Sometimes, that would alienate my sisters that I would “hog” the television set, in those times, I would have no other choice than to record the episodes on tape. Above all else, everyone ended up knowing that 5:00 PM was *my* television time and nothing would come between me and my beloved Star Trek. Nothing! Alright, I’m just kidding. I may be obsessed by Star Trek, but not like Gollum would be obsessed by the One Ring.

Eventually, summer passed and high school started. Unfortunately, the high school I was attending was somewhat far and the bus ride to my home would take more than an hour, thus missing the beginning of Star Trek every time. I had to resort to have the program recorded on tape. I so didn’t want to miss an episode that I would call my mom everyday at lunchtime to remind her to record Star Trek for me. I must have drove her on the edge of madness or something. Thankfully, the DVD release of series, happening a few years later, had me getting rid of my badly recorded VHS tapes, to finally enjoy the original series to the fullest.

The french edition of Star Trek Memories had a full list of all Star Trek series episodes, movies and books that were made at that time. Every time I’d watch an episode of the original series, I’d consult the episodes list and, using a pencil, grey out the number of the episode I’ve just watched. Eventually, all numbers were greyed out and, it was time for me to seek out other series, watch movies and read books, to boldly expand my love for Star Trek.

Finally, that would be all for today. Tomorrow, I may take a break and maybe review Adam Nimoy‘s movie For The Love Of Spock, which I’m gonna watch tonight. The movie is available to buy on iTunes and has been announced to come out on DVD and Blu-Ray soon. End of line.


About Amelyn

Born in the glorious year of 1985, Amelyn (called Ame by her friends) is an avid comics fan, a video games collector, a cartoons enthusiast, a sci-fi geek and many other things. She loves kitties, the Martian Manhunter, Snickers bars and pizza-flavoured Pringles, among many other things. The thing she hates the most is not being taken seriously in the geekdom, because of her status as a woman. "Girls loves Deadpool, too!", she would say. Besides collecting, reading and sleeping, her others hobbies would include game modding. Her friends would confirm that she spent as much time as playing Fallout as she spent time modding it. Also, she would always finish her blog post with the term "End of line".
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