Getting ready for Fan Expo.

In two days, I’ll be boarding a train for Toronto, where I’ll be attending Fan Expo Canada. I have my tickets printed, I booked a nice room on AirBnB, and I’m starting to pack for the trip. I dusted off the pair of Converse I’ll wear and fitted them with gel insoles, because I’m gonna do a lot of walking/waiting in lines for four days. I also made a checklist of everything I’m bringing, hoping that I wouldn’t forget anything.

Truth to be told, only three weeks ago, I wasn’t imagining that I’ll go to Fan Expo. Therefore, I had little time to plan my trip. It is thanks to a guest that I’ll be attending this event. I’m not gonna name him, but let say that I’ve helped him selling prints, at his booth, during Montreal ComicCon and, to thank me, he promised that he’d get me free passes for the next time there was a con, in my area.

Anyhow, three weeks ago, I was telling him how I envied him to go to Fan Expo, and how I’d love to go there. To my surprise, he offered to get me in and, in return, I offered to help him at his booth again. Consequently, my “free time” will be spend selling prints but, at least, I’ll get a chair to sit on. Well, I’m sure as hell gonna get the time of my life during those four days.

Well, I was talking about how I was getting ready so, here’s a small report of my progress so far:

My suitcase is almost packed. I’m bringing enough clothes for five days, along with other necessities like hygiene products, makeup and my flat iron.

I’m bringing my “antique” laptop, so I won’t rely on my phone to do everything Internet-related. Also, I’m bringing DVDs to watch when I’ll be resting in my room. That thing is almost a decade old, it overheat a little but, it is still usable.

I’m bringing my ever-so-faithful iPod and my PSP, for the long train ride. Also, I’m bringing my pre-signed copy of The Fangirl’s Guide To The Galaxy to have it dedicated by Sam Maggs. This book is a must-have for any geek girls, and it has an entire chapter about cons which include tips about how to prepare yourself, how to survive on the floor, the do’s and don’ts, and how to rock a cosplay, which is something I won’t get to do due to lacking time and money for that.

And lastly, this is my beloved cat that I can’t unfortunately bring with me. She may seems independent and all but, she’s super cuddly when I’m in bed and she needs to have me in her field of vision most of the time. I bet she’s gonna find the five days I’ll be gone to be the longest of her life. I’ll miss her to.

To wrap things up, I just can’t wait to be at Fan Expo. To think that, three weeks ago, I wasn’t imagining of being there and that I’m leaving in two days for Toronto feel so surreal to me. Well, I’ll try my best to update this blog during the expo but, I’ll also make small updates on my Twitter as well. Hopefully, I’ll enjoy myself. End of line.


About Amelyn

Born in the glorious year of 1985, Amelyn (called Ame by her friends) is an avid comics fan, a video games collector, a cartoons enthusiast, a sci-fi geek and many other things. She loves kitties, the Martian Manhunter, Snickers bars and pizza-flavoured Pringles, among many other things. The thing she hates the most is not being taken seriously in the geekdom, because of her status as a woman. "Girls loves Deadpool, too!", she would say. Besides collecting, reading and sleeping, her others hobbies would include game modding. Her friends would confirm that she spent as much time as playing Fallout as she spent time modding it. Also, she would always finish her blog post with the term "End of line".
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