First of all, I’d like to apologize for ignoring this blog. It’s the same thing every time I start a new blog, I get enthusiastic about updating it until I find my content too boring to post it. In the end, I deem myself unworthy of it.

Therefore, I’ve decided to give myself, and this blog, a second chance. I’ll try my best to post as often as possible. Right now, I’m packing up to attend Montreal Comic Con, this weekend. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find time to post here. End of line.

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October’s HORROR LootCrate unboxing. – SPOILER ALERT!

Another filler post! I’ve been to Quebec City ComicCon, yesterday, and I only had two words to describe it: FUCKING DULL! Therefore, it’s not worth writing a post about it.

On another note, I did receive my LootCrate from October, a couple of days ago so, I’m gonna write about it. Here we go!

Once again, they had UPS deliver my crate so, it arrived on Thursday. Let’s open it.

This month’s theme is Horror, it’s to be expected with Halloween arriving. Of course, with the new season of The Walking Dead, which I don’t watch, beginning this month, it was expected to see some content related to the show. The items look promising so far.

First, from The Coop, we have a pennant of Camp Crystal Lake, from the Friday The 13th movie franchise. Second, from Icup, we have a set of joined chopsticks depicting Freddy Kruger’s glove, from Nightmare On Elm Street. Lastly, we have a Halloween pin that “unlocks” exclusive content on the LootCrate website.

The next two items in the box: We have, from Quirk, a book entitled The Legion Of Regrettable Supervillains from Jon Morris. It is a sequel of The League Or Regrettable Superheroes, from the same author, that was available in the Heroes 2 crate. I don’t really see the connection to the horror theme. I wonder why they didn’t include it in one of their villains-theme crate instead, just saying. The other item, from KidRobot, is a Phunny plush of Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Obviously, I’m always keeping the t-shirt for last. This month’s t-shirt feature Negan, from The Walking Dead. It is made by LootCrate, instead of another manufacturer, and I have one complaint about it: The LootCrate t-shirts seem to have discrepancies of sizes from one garment to another. Sometimes, the it fits really well while, on other times, it seems to run small, even if the label says they are of the same size. To be sure, I even measured this t-shirt and compared to the measurements of another one, from LootCrate, that fitted me well, and I’ve noticed that the Negan one was two inches smaller around the torso. I wonder how LootCrate let that slip. I’m gonna have to report this issue. Anyway, it’s a nice t-shirt nonetheless and it’s seems to be of good quality.

Lastly, I usually don’t speak about the interior design of the box, because I just don’t care about it. But, I think this month’s design was worth mentioning: It’s a per-perforated face of a walker that you can detach and turn into a mask, there’s even an elastic band provided in the box, to attach to the mask. LootCrate really does think of everything!

Finally, this was the October Horror Crate, and it is one of my favorite crates so far. I loved the variety of the items, and they come from franchises that I’m all familiar with. It was well done, compared to last month’s crate. That would be all for today. End of line.

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September’s SPEED LootCrate unboxing. – SPOILER ALERT!

First off, I’m sorry for not keeping up with my series of articles about Star Trek, as I said I would. I’ve been a bit busy lately and, as much as I love to write about Star Trek, I’m having trouble formulating my next entry since it since it’s about a touchy subject: Bullying.

Second, I’ve also found myself re-doing the website of a friend and I need to make sure everything is perfect, since I’ve been given free reign for that.

Third, my September LootCrate just arrived and, apparently, my complaining of slow shipping has been heard since I usually receive my crate on the first days on the next month and rarely this early. From what I’ve seen UPS is now handling delivery, instead of Canada Post. An improvement perhaps?

Anyhow, now that I have my LootCrate, I’ve decided to write a filler post about unboxing it so, for those of you who didn’t received their, spoiler alert! Let see what September’s Speed crate has in store for us:

Here’s the box, so let’s open it:

Looking alright so far, time to unload the loot:

Here’s the first half of the content: First, we have a keychain of the Batwing, made by Quantum Mechanix, from the first Tim Burton‘s Batman film, if I recall correctly. Then, we have a pin that “unlocks” exclusive content on the LootCrate website. Lastly, we have a 1:64 scale replica, from Greenlight Collectibles, of Eleanor, the ’67 custom Mustang from the movie Gone In Sixty Seconds.

Here’s the next two items: On the left, from Titan Merchandise, we have a vinyl replica of the “Scar” Cylon Raider from the Battlestar Galactica reboot series. On the right, from ByGeorge, a magnetized hood ornament of Oliver Queen from Arrow.

And for the last item, made by Fifth Sun, a Stark Industries motor racing t-shirt from Iron Man 2.

In overall, the Speed crate was alright. I can’t say that I was really excited about it, since I wasn’t appealed by the theme to begin with. Of course, I’m gonna wear the t-shirt and exhibit the Cylon Raider, once my room in the basement will be finished. But items like the car hood will probably stay in the box, since I don’t own a car to begin with. Therefore, it’s just an OK crate.

Finally, this was just a filler post, so I hope you didn’t expect it to be entertaining. I’ll get back on my Star Trek entries as soon as I’m able to write about it. In the meantime, go watch Star Trek on Netflix or something… End of line.

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To boldly go… – Part 2: Discovering Star Trek.

Here’s is the second part of my blog posts about Star Trek. Today, I’m taking a more personal look, at the franchise, from my own perspective. Mainly, how my first true Star Trek experience as a pre-teen. Here we go.

Where do I start? Well, when I first heard of Star Trek, I was a kid, and I only knew the franchise through the movies and episodes of The Next Generation, that I would partially watch on a neighbour’s television. We didn’t have cable network, back then, and the movies were aired at least once a year, on one of the five channels we where able to tune to on our television set.

For a long time, I thought that Star Trek only spanned from the first to seventh movie… and The Next Generation. It was only when I was 11, in 6th grade, by picking up a french edition of William Shatner‘s Star Trek Memories, that I realized that Star Trek was so much more. I was reading about a TV show that I’ve never ever watched before, and it made me want to follow the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. My wish was finally granted on a Friday past 5:30 PM, in 1997, when I was 12. After lots of enquiring from me and my sisters, my father finally gave in and subscribed to cable TV. As I was flipping through our newly acquired channels, I came across my very first Star Trek episode.

Well, actually, it wasn’t an entire episode, as I only caught the last half of it. But, I’ll never forget which one it was. It was the 15th episode of the second season: The Trouble With The Tribbles. That was at this very moment I got hooked on Star Trek. Everyday, I would come back from school, have dinner, do my homework, and be ready by 5:00 PM to sit in front of the television and catch Star Trek. Sometimes, that would alienate my sisters that I would “hog” the television set, in those times, I would have no other choice than to record the episodes on tape. Above all else, everyone ended up knowing that 5:00 PM was *my* television time and nothing would come between me and my beloved Star Trek. Nothing! Alright, I’m just kidding. I may be obsessed by Star Trek, but not like Gollum would be obsessed by the One Ring.

Eventually, summer passed and high school started. Unfortunately, the high school I was attending was somewhat far and the bus ride to my home would take more than an hour, thus missing the beginning of Star Trek every time. I had to resort to have the program recorded on tape. I so didn’t want to miss an episode that I would call my mom everyday at lunchtime to remind her to record Star Trek for me. I must have drove her on the edge of madness or something. Thankfully, the DVD release of series, happening a few years later, had me getting rid of my badly recorded VHS tapes, to finally enjoy the original series to the fullest.

The french edition of Star Trek Memories had a full list of all Star Trek series episodes, movies and books that were made at that time. Every time I’d watch an episode of the original series, I’d consult the episodes list and, using a pencil, grey out the number of the episode I’ve just watched. Eventually, all numbers were greyed out and, it was time for me to seek out other series, watch movies and read books, to boldly expand my love for Star Trek.

Finally, that would be all for today. Tomorrow, I may take a break and maybe review Adam Nimoy‘s movie For The Love Of Spock, which I’m gonna watch tonight. The movie is available to buy on iTunes and has been announced to come out on DVD and Blu-Ray soon. End of line.

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To boldly go… – Part 1: A small recap.

I was supposed to write a post on my trip to Fan Expo, but this will have to wait. Today is too important to miss out on it…

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the first television airing of a small sci-fi show called Star Trek. Some of you may have heard about it but, for those who didn’t, here’s a small summary:

Star Trek was about a crew on a starship named U.S.S. Enterprise, led by Captain James T. Kirk, along with his loyal first officer, the half-Vulcan, half-human, Commander Spock, as well as the bridge crew. Each week, they would seek out new life and new civilizations, discover strange new worlds, and boldly go where no one has gone before. The first episode, called The Man Trap first aired on September 8, 1966. Afterwards, the original series ran from 1966 to 1969, until cancellation, spanning 79 episodes in all, and changing history of science-fiction forever.

Eventually, movies and new series were produced. With new ships and crews, as well as the original crew and the good old Enterprise. In all, it is seven series, which makes 726 episodes and 10 movies. Something to keep any newbie Trekkie busy on long winter nights.

Lately, a new series has been announced, which would be called Star Trek: Discovery and, although the first episode will be airing on cable TV, all episodes will be mostly available online through the CBS All-Access platform. It is a move I find questionable from CBS, as the series will probably end up being highly pirated on torrent websites. Well, it is their loss.

Anyhow, this will cover the first part if my blog entries about Star Trek, as I’ve realized that I had enough material to write a small novel, and I wouldn’t want to bore any of my readers with interminable blog posts. Stay tuned for the second part of this article, as I would take a more personal look about Star Trek and how it influenced my life. End of line.


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Getting ready for Fan Expo.

In two days, I’ll be boarding a train for Toronto, where I’ll be attending Fan Expo Canada. I have my tickets printed, I booked a nice room on AirBnB, and I’m starting to pack for the trip. I dusted off the pair of Converse I’ll wear and fitted them with gel insoles, because I’m gonna do a lot of walking/waiting in lines for four days. I also made a checklist of everything I’m bringing, hoping that I wouldn’t forget anything.

Truth to be told, only three weeks ago, I wasn’t imagining that I’ll go to Fan Expo. Therefore, I had little time to plan my trip. It is thanks to a guest that I’ll be attending this event. I’m not gonna name him, but let say that I’ve helped him selling prints, at his booth, during Montreal ComicCon and, to thank me, he promised that he’d get me free passes for the next time there was a con, in my area.

Anyhow, three weeks ago, I was telling him how I envied him to go to Fan Expo, and how I’d love to go there. To my surprise, he offered to get me in and, in return, I offered to help him at his booth again. Consequently, my “free time” will be spend selling prints but, at least, I’ll get a chair to sit on. Well, I’m sure as hell gonna get the time of my life during those four days.

Well, I was talking about how I was getting ready so, here’s a small report of my progress so far:

My suitcase is almost packed. I’m bringing enough clothes for five days, along with other necessities like hygiene products, makeup and my flat iron.

I’m bringing my “antique” laptop, so I won’t rely on my phone to do everything Internet-related. Also, I’m bringing DVDs to watch when I’ll be resting in my room. That thing is almost a decade old, it overheat a little but, it is still usable.

I’m bringing my ever-so-faithful iPod and my PSP, for the long train ride. Also, I’m bringing my pre-signed copy of The Fangirl’s Guide To The Galaxy to have it dedicated by Sam Maggs. This book is a must-have for any geek girls, and it has an entire chapter about cons which include tips about how to prepare yourself, how to survive on the floor, the do’s and don’ts, and how to rock a cosplay, which is something I won’t get to do due to lacking time and money for that.

And lastly, this is my beloved cat that I can’t unfortunately bring with me. She may seems independent and all but, she’s super cuddly when I’m in bed and she needs to have me in her field of vision most of the time. I bet she’s gonna find the five days I’ll be gone to be the longest of her life. I’ll miss her to.

To wrap things up, I just can’t wait to be at Fan Expo. To think that, three weeks ago, I wasn’t imagining of being there and that I’m leaving in two days for Toronto feel so surreal to me. Well, I’ll try my best to update this blog during the expo but, I’ll also make small updates on my Twitter as well. Hopefully, I’ll enjoy myself. End of line.

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New blog!

Here’s to (another) new blog. I don’t know how well this one will go but, hopefully, I may get more inspired than on my previous attempts. Just don’t expect the blog to be updated daily, maybe one to a few post a week, or bi-weekly, I don’t know. Anyway, the first blog entry is never great, in my opinion.

Therefore, we’ll see how things evolve. Fortunately, with the Fan Expo coming soon, I might get to write a few interesting entries as a good start. End of line.

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